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Mould Library

Throughout the years, Papilio has used hundreds of cast iron moulds to create clutches of all sizes and shapes. This is a small sample of Papilio’s vast collection of cast iron moulds.  

Metal Panel To Be Moulded 

Metal panel is laid on the table as our craftsman prepares to cut sheets of metal into appropriate sizes for moulding. 

Giving It A Good Stretch

With the sheet cut to specifications, each sheet is stretched and pressed into the perfect shape. 

Precision Laser Cutting 

We use state of the art machinery to create unique designs tailored for our customers. 

Giving a Touch of Papilio

We take pride in our clutches and tag each piece with Papilio’s seal of approval. The seals have their own mould, too!

Making It Smooth and Shinny

Our clutches are given a thorough ‘Papilio Polish’ to make them consistently shiny and smooth all around!

Lining Up Each Little Spark

Quality is worth the wait, as each of our craftsmen place each crystal onto our clutches by hand. 

All Dressed Up

Time to put on some clothes! Each piece of the clutch is hand-wrapped with various materials, from classic blue denim to unique silk patterns to exotic skins. 

Beautiful Things Come One Stitch At A Time

Each seam is masterfully sewn into the clutch with care and precision.



 Papilio is a Hong Kong-based fashion brand specializing in high-end clutch. Our clutches are sold across North America, Europe and Asia.

The name "Papilio" is inspired from the nature. It is a species of butterfly regarded for its exquisite and vibrant wing patterns, and reminds us of Mother Nature’s place as the world’s original artist.

Our goal is to make world-class clutch bags available to the everyday fashion enthusiast at an affordable price.

Papilio also collaborate with local renowned artists, fashion and jewelers’ brands who share our passion for innovation and nature.

You won’t find another piece quite like a Papilio Clutch!