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    Papilio is a fashion brand founded by two sisters with a dream of bringing affordable couture clutch bags for the everyday fashion enthusiast! As second generation clutch makers, the family-owned-and-operated business has created thousands styles of couture clutches fit for any occasion. Whether it’s the evening’s must-have luxury accessory or the everyday carry, each clutch is uniquely handmade by skilled craftsmen who have been perfecting the art of clutch making for over 30 years.

    The name "Papilio" is inspired from nature. Papilio is a type of butterfly regarded for their exquisite and vibrant wing patterns, and remind us of Mother Nature’s place as the world’s original artist. We collaborate with renowned artists, fashion and jeweler brands who share our passion for innovation and nature. Using materials such as Swarovski crystals, quality gemstones and leather, Papilio strives to match the beauty of the brand by creating visually stunning clutches without compromising quality. You won’t find another piece quite like a Papilio Clutch!

    Instagram : papiloclutch
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    WhatsApp: +852 97165151
    ODM/OEM orders are welcome!